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 please give us a call on 07748 903868 or 07748 964653 and we will be pleased to try and arrange it for you.. otherwise..
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All activities at our parties is entirely consensual and to be agreed between party goers.Anyone found in possession of illicit drugs will be ejected and the police informed.The venue a sex club London is strictly non smoking.

Taking of photographs, videos or audio recording is strictly forbidden.We ask all party attendees to be considerate and discreet. Please do not loiter by the venue and arrive when you are told to.

Attendance at our parties is open to members and select invitees. Anyone found to be attempting to engage in the offer of sexual or other services for money will be ejected.


Reserving a space and not attending without reasonable notice of cancellation may lead to membership suspension or revocation. Any items or belongings left at the club is the owners responsibility, not the Phoenix Club, its owners or staff or other members.

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Thank you for your booking request. You are provisionally booked in. Please ring on the day of of your party to confirm your reservation and for venue details
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